My name is George Bantique, and I reside in the Philippines.

My fascination with tinkering began during my childhood. One day, I stumbled upon a small DC motor, possibly salvaged from a remote-controlled toy car. I brought it home, connected it to a battery, and watched it come to life. That moment sparked my decision to incorporate it into my toy boat, crafted from a recycled plastic bottle originally containing face powder.

I started disassembling our transistor radio to salvage its speaker, knobs, wires, and more. Ironically, my original intention was to repair it, but this marked the beginning of my siblings affectionately calling me "siraneko," a playful blend of "sira" (to destroy) and "mekaniko" (mechanic).

In high school, I chose electronics as my elective, where I delved into the fundamentals of electricity, circuit connections, and Ohm's Law. I even memorized resistor color codes, thinking it would make college a breeze. However, my family couldn't afford to send me to college.

I applied for jobs and landed a four-month temporary contract. After it ended, I embarked on a series of job hunts, one after another.

Thankfully, a childhood friend from elementary and high school recommended me to a company offering scholarships. I seized the opportunity and enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program. However, later on, I decided to shift my focus to a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Over five years, I absorbed countless theories, faced challenges, maintained harmony, and nurtured my passion. It was a transformative period, and I gained invaluable life lessons along the way.

I continued my journey by enrolling in a review center to prepare for the licensure examination for Electronics Engineering. I passed, albeit with a narrow margin.

For now, that's all I have to share. I look forward to revisiting and expanding upon my story when I find the time.

Best regards, George Bantique

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